Friday, December 13, 2013

How to use Myanmar Keyboard on Android

Important Notice

  • This keyboard will only work on the phones that have Zawgyi font installed.
    1. If you have newer Samsung phones (e.g., Note III) from Yangon, they came with Zawgyi font installed.
    2. If you have Samsung Galaxy S4 or certain phones, you can follow the instructions at this page
    3. You might have to root your phone to install Zawgyi font or get someone to do it for you :)


  • Get the app here
  • Get the add-on for Zawgyi font here

Enabling keyboard

  • Open Myanmar Keyboard app on your phone

  • Click on Enable keyboard. A list of keyboards will be displayed. Select Myanmar Keyboard. When a warning sign is displayed, accept it. There's such a warning for enabling all keyboards. Myanmar Keyboard does not collect your personal information or keystrokes (you can check the permissions and the source code.)
  • Click back key to return to Myanmar Keyboard. Then, click on Input languages. Choose "MM Zawgyi". You may also choose English if you want to use Myanmar Keyboard for both English and Zawgyi fonts.
  • Click back key to return to Myanmar Keyboard. Then click on Set input method. Choose Myanmar Keyboard.
  • You are now ready to type in Zawgyi font.

Using keyboard

Typing Myanmar characters

  • All characters are arranged into following
    • Typing normally

  • Typing after clicking Shift key
  • Long press a key to view more characters

Switching keyboards

If you have selected both English and MM Zawgyi, swipe the space bar to switch between keyboards

Using auto-completion

Suggestions will show up when you start typing. Choose one of the suggestions or complete your own typing. If you want to save a new phrase, long press the phrase and it will be saved so that it will show up as one of the suggestions when you start typing the same phrase next time.


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